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One of the Four Great Sects, Huan Hua Palace is the second most influential, as well as the wealthiest of the sects.

Huan Hua leans more towards a militaristic school of thought, including military strategy. Famous for divination, they are also fairly well known for their maze arrays and maintain the most contact with the world outside their sect.

Immortal Master Lao Gongzhu is the old head of Huan Hua Palace. His daughter is the Young Mistress who is adept at wielding the whip.


They claim the forested area near Bailu Forest as part of their territory. Bailu Mountain, located around the area, is where Tianlang-Jun was sealed. The grotto with the Sun and Moon Dew seeds is located within this area as well.


Huan Hua is also famous for their water dungeon where many notorious criminals in the cultivation world are held.


Master Lao Gongzhu - Sect Leader

Gongyi Xiao - Senior Martial Brother. Currently Deceased.

Su Xiyan - Direct Disciple to the Sect Leader. Currently deceased.

Young Palace Mistress Xiao Gongzhu - Daughter of the Sect Leader

Qin Wanyue - An OG female lead, disciple under Huan Hua Palace