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Ming Fan
Name 明帆 Míng Fān
Name meaning Míng - Bright

Fān - Gallop

Status Alive
Occupation Qing Jing Peak Head Disciple
Affiliations Cang Qiong Mountain
Gender Male
Race Human
Height Unknown
Donghua Debut Episode 1

Ming Fan (明帆 Míng Fān) is the head discple of Qing Jing Peak. He is the chief bully who made Luo Binghe's life miserable within the sect. In the original Proud Immortal Demon's Way, his treatment of Luo Binghe caused him to be resentful and in the end killed Ming Fan by throwing him into an ant pit until he died from the bites.

His treatment toward Luo Binghe during Scum Villain's Self-Saving System was not much better but later on they would come into a grudging comradeship after Shen Qingqiu expressed favoritism toward Luo Binghe.

Appearance & Personality

Ming Fan has relatively short hair (compared to others, at least), which is tied back in a ponytail. He has a square face and usually has a haughty or sneering expression. He often hunches his shoulders. His robes are slightly more elaborate than the standard male disciple's Qing Jing peak robes, possibly to indicate his role as the head disciple, and possibly just because the animators wanted him to stand out as a character.

Ming Fan is a typical lackey-type character. He is extremely deferential and respectful to Shen Qingqiu, and is usually in charge of carrying out his (Shen Jiu's) dirty tasks. He often rallies other Qing Jing disciples to bully Luo Binghe excessively. He's quick to search for praise from Shen Qingqiu whenever he does a particularly brutal job of torturing Luo Binghe. He often tries to garner Ning Yingying's favor, and is frequently jealous that she prefers Luo Binghe's company. As expected, Ming Fan's bad mood usually gets taken out on Luo Binghe.

Abilities & Equipment


  • His family grows high-quality leaves that sometimes would be sent to Shen Qingqiu[1]



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