The Scum Villain's Self-Saving System Wiki
This guide was copied from the MDZS wiki with permission. It has been modified for the purposes of this wiki.

This is a list of the wikia’s policies and rules. Failure to comply will result in the user in question being temporarily blocked from a period of one (1) day to several weeks or months depending on the severity and frequency of the violations.

General Rules

  • Do not vandalize articles on the wikia. This includes:
  1. Deleting all or most of an article’s text
  2. Adding meaningless, off-topic, inappropriate, or unsupported information
  3. Personal attacks against other users
  4. Spamming the article with links
  • Discussion and debates are allowed, but please keep it civil and to the appropriate areas.
  • Do not harass other users.
  • Follow the Editor’s Guide to contribute content. Mistakes are inevitable and will be forgiven up to a point; repeat violations of the standards after the allotted warnings will result in a temporary block.
  • Plagiarism is the wrongful appropriation of another’s work or ideas; do not steal word-for-word information from any source. If rephrasing is not possible, quote and cite the text appropriately. (We understand the irony of copying and pasting this guide directly from the MDZS wiki.)


  • Images must be from official sources and originate from the novel, donghua (animation), or other official channels. Fanart is not permitted on pages other than on profiles and blogs and is subject to deletion without notification. **We are aware that, currently, most characters do not have official designs and instead use fanart from Weibo. Once official designs have been uploaded, these images will be deleted.
  • Upload the highest quality image available, preferably in .jpg or .png format. Keep in mind that .jpg images degrade in quality while .png images do not.
  • Do not upload duplicate images. Check the Files page before uploading to make sure it does not already exist on the wikia.
  • Use descriptive, unique filenames.
  • When uploading donghua (animation) screenshots, please turn off/remove all subtitles and comments.

Editor’s Guide

Main article: Editor's Guide

All users seeking to contribute content are asked to adhere to the guidelines detailed in the Editor’s Guide to ensure the Wikia remains accessible and pages are filled out in an orderly manner. Proposals and discussions about changing content are welcome, but please restrict these conversations to the Talk page located next to the edit button.