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Qiu Haitang
Name 秋海棠 Qiū Hǎitáng
Name meaning Begonia
Status Deceased
Affiliations House Qiū
Gender Female
Race Human
Relatives Qiu Jianluo

Qiu Haitang (秋海棠 Qiū Hǎitáng) is a minor character from Scum Villain's Self-Saving System. In the original novel Proud Immortal Demon Way, she is one of Luo Binghe's wives in his 600+ strong harem.


When Shen Jiu is still as a servant in Qiu clan, Qiu Haitang takes an immediate liking to him. Seeing this, her brother, Qiu Jianluo allows her to take Shen Jiu as her fiance. She lives a happy life ignorant of her brother's abuse of Shen Jiu.

When she had stumbles upon Shen Jiu going on a mass murder spree in House Qiu, she faints on spot. When she wakes, she swears vengeance on Shen Jiu in rage.

Proud Immortal Demon Way

In Proud Immortal Demon Way, Qiu Haitang's testimony ruins Shen Qingqiu's reputation, causing his downfall. Her extraordinary appearance had made her one of Luo Binghe's wives.

Current Timeline

Blackened Reputation

Qiu Haitang had appears right after the Jinlan plague incident has been solved. She shows surprise upon seeing Shen Qingqiu and is sorrowful that a character like him managed to reach a higher place in life and become the lofty Qing Jing Peak Lord.

Qiu Haitang begins revealing the original Shen Qingqiu’s past as Shen Jiu: how he was bought as a slave by [[House Qiu]], was engaged to marry her. She claims he was treated as family but later slaughtered House Qiu and burned down the residence before running off under the tutelage of the notorious Wu Yanzi. The more she says, the more emotional she becomes. In the end, she breaks down crying, even after Shen Qingqiu has turned himself in, to the custody of Huan Hua Palace.

Holy Mausoleum

Qui Haitang has been captured by Sha Hualing and rescued by Shen Qingqiu in his plant body. She has her suspicions about him and decides to follows him back to Cang Qiong Mountain. However, as Luo Binghe keeps snatching Shen Qingqiu away, she follows them to the Demon Realm instead.

She sneaks into the Holy Mausoleum and meets the Old Palace Master of Huan Hua Palace and sticks with him for safety as her spiritual power is low. However, she is disgusted by the Old Palace Master’s obsession towards Su Xiyan, even going as far as to leering on Luo Binghe because of their similarities.

Suddenly, the Old Palace Master is attacked by Qing Si plants. Qui Haitang faints upon seeing this scene. Meng Mo shows Qui Haitang the original Shen Qingqiu’s memories regarding her brother and how Shen Jiu was treated back then. Waking up, she was disoriented and in denial that her brother is that kind of character and ran away.


Shen Jiu

As children, she is fond of him. She is happy about their engagement and allows him into her room. After he burns down the Qiu Residence and murders many of the men therein, including her brother, she feels intensely betrayed. She swears to find him and ruin him the same way he had ruined her. In the original timeline, her testimony is one key reasons Shen Jiu is imprisoned for his crimes and later tortured and killed by Luo Binghe.

In the current timeline, after finding out about the abuse Shen Jiu had suffered under her household, Qiu Haitaing is in hysterics. She initially refuses to believe that it is true and insists the Dream Demon who had shown her Shen Jiu's memories must have been fabricating the events. When she seems to accept that it must have been true, she still does not understand why Shen Jiu had saved her; if he hated or pitied her. Due to the turmoil of this revelation she runs off in an unbalanced state and likely dies in the dangerous Holy Mausoleum.

Shen Yuan

Qiu Haitang only seems convinced of her household's abusive treatment of Shen Jiu due to Shen Yuan's character. Though she initially does not believe it possible, she seems to conclude that her beliefs and hatred have been mistaken as she loses the will to fight Shen Qingqiu after she takes particular note of his continued selfless actions to protect Luo Binghe.

Old Palace Master

She had worked together with the Old Palace Master while in the Holy Mausoleum to ensure her survival in it and help her to take revenge on Shen Qingqiu

Luo Binghe

She is one of Luo Binghe's wives in the original novel, 'Proud Immortal Demon Way'.

Qiu Jianluo

As her older brother, Qiu Jianluo dotes on her. He is so attached to her that he schemes to have her marry household slave Shen Jiu so that she will not leave to join another man's household.


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