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Shen Qingqiu (Original)
Sj donghua ep5.png
Name 沈清秋 Shěn Qīngqiū

沈九 Shěn Jiǔ

Name meaning Shěn - common surname

清秋 Qīngqiū - Clear Autumn
Jiǔ - Nine

Alias Shen Jiu

Xiao Jiu (by Yue Qingyuan)
Xiu Ya Sword
Qing Jing Peak Lord

Occupation Cang Qiong Mountain#Qing Jing Peak Lord
Affiliations Cang Qiong Mountain
Weapon Xiu Ya Sword (修雅剑)
Gender Male
Race Human
Height 184cm[1]
Donghua Debut Episode 1
This page is about Shen Jiu. If you are looking for the transmigrator and main character of SVSSS, please go to the Shen Yuan page.

Shen Qingqiu (沈清秋 Shěn Qīngqiū), birth name Shen Jiu (沈九 Shěn Jiǔ), is the original owner of the body that Shen Yuan transmigrated into after his death.[2] It is unknown what happened to Shen Jiu after the transmigration took place.


Shen Qingqiu is a part of Cang Qiong Mountain Sect and is the Peak Lord of the scholarly Qing Jing Peak. Due to the ranking of the twelve peaks, he is the second highest authority in the sect and acts as the Sect's tactician (chief strategist).[3]

In the original in-universe novel Proud Immortal Demon's Way, he is written as the main villain. He is known to have abused the protagonist, Luo Binghe and he later threw him into the Endless Abyss, which in turn sparked Luo Binghe's 'blackening', along with the growth of his hatred and desire to seek revenge.[2] Luo Binghe captured him and put him through a court judgment regarding the accusations of committing the Qiu household's massacre, perverted designs on his female disciple Ning Yingying, abuse of Qing Jing Peak disciples and the murder of Bai Zhan Peak Lord Liu Qingge. In the end, he received the guilty verdict and was tortured to death by Luo Binghe; however, it is unknown if all of these accusations are accurate, as neither Proud Immortal Demon Way nor Scum Villain's Self Saving System clarifies on the topic.


In the novel, Shen Qingqiu is described as being a particularly elegant and handsome man with black hair and eyes. As he has successfully cultivated to mid-core formation, Shen Qingqiu retained a youthful visage that is described to be beautiful by Shen Yuan.[4][2] He is commonly seen wearing green robes befitting of his station and a fan that he uses to hide his expression.


Shen Qingqiu's personality is described at the beginning by Shen Yuan as being trash of the lowest caliber. He is ambitious and aggressive, proud and arrogant.[3] He also has a propensity for being a sore loser, even going as far as secluding himself for three months before demanding a duel rematch.[3] However, it is hard to discern anything about Shen Qingqiu due to the unreliability of both Proud Immortal Demon Way and Scum Villain's Self Saving System.

His cultivation is rather low, logically due to his late start and his time with Wu Yanzi. His weak cultivation compared to his martial siblings drove him to be jealous of Luo Binghe and used any excuses he could find to abuse him, even encouraging bullying within his Peak. However, he also shown an incredible capacity for loyalty, especially toward Yue Qingyuan, and a willingness to help without asking for gratitude.[3] In the extra, Shen Qingqiu's thought process was shown, revealing the worry he had towards Yue Qingyuan, who disappeared and never returned. As a proud, effective member of the organization, he resents those he thought to be ineffective in their work and held everyone to an impossible standard.

Shen Qingqiu is not above using tricks to win a fight,[5] which earned him the ire of the upright Liu Qingge. This could be a remnant of the days he spent fighting in the streets where he wouldn't hesitate to poke out an opponent's eyes[6] combined with his discipleship under Wu Yanzi. It is unclear whether or not he would still use these tactics had he not been under Wu Yanzi's tutelage.

Due to his unfortunate mishaps with Qiu Jianluo, Shen Qingqiu grew a distaste for the male gender, even frequenting brothels if it meant that he would be safe from men. This behavior eventually led to his rumor of being a lecherous man. In the extra, Shen Qingqiu's thoughts were, "He simply abhorred having to mingle in with people of the same gender". It is clear in the extra that Shen Qingqiu does not visit brothels for the sake of performing activities, but rather to seek assurance from them[7].


Shen Qingqiu's parentage and how he came to become a slave is unknown; however, he used to live in the streets as one of many children caught in human trafficking. During this period he was named Shen Jiu with the character for 'nine', denoting him as the ninth child in the hands of that particular human trafficking group. During these days he lived alongside Yue Qingyuan, who was named 'Yue Qi' for 'seven'. The two of them were the oldest in the group, but while Yue Qi acts as a responsible leader of the group, Shen Jiu was much wilder, picking fights and using his superior fighting power to claim territories for begging.[6]

Later, Yue Qi was almost injured by saving another slave child from being trampled to death by Qiu Jianluo and Shen Jiu had to come to his rescue. Here, Shen Jiu showed an incredible potential for cultivation by using his qi despite having no formal training, turning a gold piece into a sharp weapon to save Yue Qi. However, later the child Yue Qi saved sold him out and he was bought by the Qiu Jianluo.[8] He was beaten and locked in a room in the Qiu estate, the abuse continuing until one day Yue Qi sneaked in to save him but was unable to bypass the locked door separating them. Yue Qi then promised he would go and seek a cultivation sect who would take him in and then return to save Shen Jiu after he became a powerful cultivator.[9]

Shen Jiu came into the Qiu household at the age of 12 and when he was 15 he finally snapped and murdered all men in the household but spared the women. He then burned the estate and decided to not wait for Yue Qi anymore. Afterward, he became Wu Yanzi's disciple and traveled with him.[10] Under Wu Yanzi, he was taught to rob, kill and take advantage of chaos to reap benefit. One day as they were sneaking inside an Immortal Alliance Conference to kill the inexperienced young cultivators and rob their corpses, he was reunited with Yue Qi who now has became Yue Qingyuan, the celebrated Qiong Ding head disciple. Shen Jiu lighted up the Cang Qiong emergency firework and told Yue Qingyuan to scram but they were found by Wu Yanzi. A fight broke and when Wu Yanzi almost dealt a fatal blow to Yue Qingyuan, Shen Jiu betrayed and killed his master instead.[11] After this, Shen Jiu entered Cang Qiong Sect at the age of 16[10] under Yue Qingyuan's recommendation.

In Qing Jing Peak, Shen Jiu quickly became a favored disciple of the Peak Lord and received both the status of head disciple alongside the name 'Shen Qingqiu'. For him this was a great misfortune as the character 'Qiu' was written with the same character with the Qiu family's name.[10]


Proud Immortal Demon Way

The original Proud Immortal Demon Way, was supposedly planned to be much more complex, with Shen Qingqiu and Luo Binghe getting together at the end. However, due to money problems, Airplane Shooting Towards The Sky, scrapped the original plotline and wrote a novel with the fan's preferences in mind ("shameless fanservice" as quoted by Shen Yuan in chapter 92). Due to the unreliability of both Shen Yuan and (the Original) Luo Binghe, along with the ambiguity of Airplane Shooting Towards The Sky, it is unknown how much of Shen Qingqiu's actions were performed simply to paint him into the perfect 'scum villain'.

Shen Qingqiu took Luo Binghe as his disciple, but there were nothing but negative feelings towards Luo Binghe's exceptional talent even at a young age. Because of this, he tormented Luo Binghe, and quite possibly, encouraged the other disciples to bully him.

At the Immortal Alliance Conference, when Luo Binghe turned seventeen, Shen Qingqiu discovered his true demonic heritage and pushed him into the Endless Abyss.

Luo Binghe, however, survived and removed the seal on his demonic blood, giving him immense power. He returned with vengeance to kill Shen Qingqiu, accompanied by Qiu Haitang and Liu Mingyan, who each bore a grudge against him.

Luo Binghe captured Shen Qingqiu and cut off his arms and legs, using them to set a trap that killed Yue Qingyuan. Shen Qingqiu was tortured further, including having his tongue torn out, and eventually died of his wounds.

Scum Villain Self-Saving System

During some point in time after Luo Binghe became his disciple, Shen Qingqiu fell into a fierce qi deviation accompanied with high fever for apparently no reason.[2] It is unknown what happened to him after Shen Yuan transmigrated into his body. However, pieces of his memories still remained in his body and Shen Yuan could access them with the help of Meng Mo.[9]


Yue Qingyuan

Yue Qingyuan and Shen Jiu has a difficult relationship stemming from their past. Their relationship is so bad that any conversations they tried to have would end on bad terms within 5 phrases.[12] Despite Shen Jiu's apparent hatred of Yue Qingyuan, he kept favoring Shen Qingqiu above his other martial sibling to the point of giving him preferential treatment and expressed a willingness to involve Cang Qiong in a war if needed to protect him.

During their childhood as slaves who lived in the streets, he was extremely close with Yue Qi whom he affectionately referred to as 'Qi-ge' to the point of exploding if any other children called him by that moniker.[6] Later, after Yue Qi failed to save him from the Qiu family, Shen Jiu decided he would no longer wait and followed Wu Yanzi. During this period he would imagine searching for Yue Qi even to the end of earth, saving him if he was alive in peril or crying while burying his bones.[11] But when they met again, Yue Qi has become Yue Qingyuan, a celebrated cultivator in his own right. Believing that Yue Qi didn't come back for him intentionally, Shen Jiu lashed out to him and Yue Qi's lack of explanation widened the distance between them.[11]

The rift between them remained until Shen Qingqiu was captured by Luo Binghe in the Water Prison. Yue Qingyuan came to visit him and Shen Qingqiu realized that Yue Qingyuan has been very lenient and gentle toward him all this time. He decided to forgive Yue Qingyuan but he expressed this by pushing him away, believing Yue Qingyuan would abandon him and thus be safe from Luo Binghe. However, contrary to his believe, Yue Qingyuan came rushing for him when Luo Binghe sent his legs alongside a letter of blood. Yue Qingyuan went into Luo Binghe's trap and died from thousands of poisoned arrows, leaving only a broken Xuan Su as remains.[13]

Shen Jiu during his childhood claimed that all the loyalty he has in this life he would give to Yue Qi, and this carried over to the moment of his death.

When Shen Yuan has his romantic fate read by Madam Meiyin, she sees a cut red thread[14] in his past.[15] The person this refers to remains ambiguous; it may have been Yue Qingyuan for whom, upon his fatal attempted rescue of Shen Jiu in the original timeline, the novel provides imagery referencing a broken red string of fate.[13]

Luo Binghe

Shen Jiu mistreated Luo Binghe very poorly. He would beat him without reason and encouraged his other disciples to bully him as well. He also gave Luo Binghe a fake cultivation manual to slow him down. Shen Jiu's torment ultimately became the reason Luo Binghe came after him and exacted his revenge.

Qiu Haitang

The Qiu family buys Shen Jiu as a child slave. They position him as a servant and later on he becomes Qiu Haitang's fiancé. It is a ploy by her older brother Qiu Jianluo who is too possessive of his sister to allow her to marry into another man's family. He plans to keep her within the Qiu Estate by marrying her to Shen Jiu.

Shen Jiu displays a fondness for Qiu Haitaing, giving her a shy smile despite being bought and sold into the Qiu Household and experiencing her brother's unpleasantness shortly before meeting her. She is fond of him in turn calling him fun and being happy with her initial engagement to him.[9][10] To escape the abuse of Qiu Jianluo, Shen Jiu often hides in Qiu Haitang's room, which was his only safe haven in the household.[8]

When he gives up on Yue Qingyuan coming to rescue him, he snaps and burns down the Qiu residence, killing every man he sees, but sparing the women; he deliberately rescues Qiu Haitang. When she wakes, she does not understand what happened and feels intensely betrayed. In the in the original timeline, this crime against her house is one of the charges leveled against Shen Jiu that lead to him being turned into a human stick.

When Shen Yuan has his romantic fate read by Madam Meiyin, she reports a cut red thread.[15] Shen Yuan assumes that this refers to Qiu Haitang as Shen Jiu's ex-fiancé.[13]

Qiu Jianluo

As a child, Shen Jiu was bought by the Qiu family as a servant and later on became Qiu Haitang's fiancé. He was badly mistreated by the men of the family especially by the Qiu family's young master, Qiu Jianluo. His sister's nickname for him, "A-Luo," is the same nickname that Ning Yingying gave Luo Binghe. He is very cautious to not show the questionable side of him towards his sister, which results in Shen Jiu hiding in Qiu Haitang's room as an escape.

Wu Yanzi

Shen Jiu's first master, a rogue cultivator who picked up Shen Jiu after witnessing him kill the Qiu. During his discipleship to Wu Yanzi, he was taught to rob and murder, learning the tricks and dirty ploys he would incorporate into his fighting style even during adulthood.

Liu Qingge

The relationship between Liu Qingge and Shen Jiu can be summed up as absolute rivalry. In the original, people believe it was enough to kill. In spite of their infamous terrible relationship however, Shen Qingqiu has been noted to successfully save Liu Qingge once in their disciple period, though Liu Qingge mistakenly accuse it as backstab action instead, thus worsening their relationship onwards. Another one was at the incident of Liu Qingge's Qi Deviation in LingXi Cave. As it was mentioned in the extra chapters of Shang Qinghua , in his later attempt, Shen Qingqiu failed to save Liu Qingge as the Bai Zhan Peak Lord died, and was described by Shang Qinghua to fall into despair and guilts, unable to wash the feelings even if he were to jump to the Yellow River.

Ning Yingying

Ning Yingying is Shen Jiu's favored disciple. Proud Immortal Demon Way portrays his affection for her as perverted and his jealousy over Luo Binghe's potential as, in part, due to her feelings for the protagonist. While listing Shen Yuan's most notable traits as a Proud Immortal Demon Way commenter, Shang Qinghua notes that he called for Shen Jiu's castration after finding out what he "wanted to do" to Ning Yingying.[16] As Shen Yuan laments his loss of reputation, prior to being taken to the water prison, he thinks that he never molested Ning Yingying, something that Shen Jiu had been written as such in Proud Immortal Demon Way.[17]

Qiu Haitang in her youth has a similar temperament to Ning Yingying, creating a possibility that Shen Jiu's fondness for her stems from his past affection to Qiu Haitang.[9]

Equipment & Abilities


  • Despite his late coming and having inferior foundation than other disciples, Shen Qingqiu was favored by the Lord of Qing Jing Peak, due to his nimble wits. He was named as the future successor of the Peak and was given the name of generational "Qing" along with the character "Qiu", much to Shen Qingqiu dissatisfaction since the character "Qiu" was the same character as "Qiu" in "Qiu Jianluo".[10]
  • There are many shippers rooting for his relationship with Yue Qingyuan during the runtime of the original Proud Immortal Demon's Way[3]




  • Episode 1 (briefly)
  • Episode 5






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