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This is a Wikia dedicated to the「Scum Villain」fandom. The novel is currently being translated by BC Novels and Faelicy.
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  • 【System Announcement! ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و】The donghua adaptation, "Scumbag System", is now live! Please watch it legally using the WeTV app or web browser. It is free to watch!
  • 【System Updating... 25%】Please help us fix the wiki! A great deal of coding on most pages has become obsolete, so we need your help to revamp the pages. Mission reward: +50 B points~! (and our eternal gratitude!)
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  • 【System Announcement! !(ෆ’∀’ෆ)!】Scum Villain will be getting an official English paperback version, and the donghua will be getting a Season 2! Release date TBA, but we will keep you updated~!